Google’s One Million Square feet “landscraper” HQ in London will be a Template for the Buildings of the Future

According to a new report, Google’s one million square feet ‘landscraper’ headquarters in London could be an arrangement for the future’s buildings.

The technology giant is planning to construct its new headquarters at the King’s Cross Central development and the report says the building will beat the Shard skyscraper as the longest property in the United Kingdom.

The Shard measures 1,016 feet tall. Google’s London headquarters will eclipse the same size but will stretch for 300 meters that mean 1,100 feet when flipped on its side.

The report also said that the building’s architects, Bjarke Ingels Group and Heatherwick Studios will stretch the building horizontally instead of stretching vertically like most skyscrapers. Google landscaper will become more and more popular in the US in the upcoming years.

Landscrapers will give a modern touch to the climate chaos, technological progress, and social change. It will make life easier and more realistic, according to a report.

“Climate change-driven weather events like hurricanes are becoming more frequent and aggressive. In the future, it will become increasingly risky to build high-rises, which can sway several feet in extreme wind,” said an American futurist and author Amy Webb.

“Buildings could be built to be longer and lower, and drones could buzz overhead, delivering goods and performing services,” she added.

Webb said that the horizontal buildings will use the sort of lift technology featured in Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator.



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