More TV and Less Physical Activity May Develop Walking Disability

A new study has shown that people who watched five or more hours of television day are at a higher risk of being unable to walk. People with this habit had a 65 percent greater risk of reporting a mobility disability compared with those who watched TV for around two hours per day.

Teenagers might be able to get away with sitting for long intervals because physically they are more robust. But after crossing the age 50 continued sitting and lengthened television viewing becomes particularly dangerous.

“Television viewing is a very potent risk factor for disability in older age,” said Lead author Loretta DiPietro, from George Washington University in the U.S. “Our findings suggest that older people who want to remain fit must ramp up their daily physical activity and reduce the amount of time they spend sitting,” she added.

The researchers followed men and women from age group 50 to 71 from six states and two metropolitan areas. At the starting of the study, all volunteers were considered as healthy. All important data related to their activities like, how much TV was viewed, exercise was done, and activities such housework, gardening etc.

The conclusion of this study revealed that around 30 percent of volunteers stated having difficulty in walking, were unable to walk or had some mobility disability.

DiPietro suggested that older people who want to remain fit should have more control over watching TV and have to focus on daily physical fitness activity.


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