Microsoft has Dropped Edge Browser for iOS and Android

Microsoft has officially released the beta or preview of its Edge browser for iOS and Android devices. In early October, the company announced previews of new Edge browser apps for iOS followed soon after by the Android version.

On November 30, corporate vice president of Microsoft Windows and Devices division, Joe Belfiore said the full-fledged app with new features is coming soon at the Apple App Store and Google Play app marketplaces.

Microsoft Edge also allows you to easily switch between your PC and iPhone through “Continue on PC” feature. You can share a website, app, photo, and other information from your phones to your Windows 10 PCs in a faster way. The company wants to give something more to Windows 10 users who use Edge a more convenient way to sync their bookmarks or tabs across devices.

A Corporate Vice President in the Operating Systems Group at Microsoft Joe Belfiore said that Microsoft Edge comes with a variety of new features including, your Reading List, Reading View, Favorites, New Tab Page, and Roaming Passwords across your PC and phone.

“But what makes Microsoft Edge really stand out is the ability to continue on your PC, which enables you to immediately open the page you’re looking at right on your PC—or save it to work on later,” Belfiore added.

Users can set passwords for frequently-visited sites and online services on their smartphone using the Roaming Passwords feature and after that they can stop those permits when they revisit those sites on their Windows 10 PCs. The new Microsoft Edge is now available as a free download on the App Store.

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