Volvo is Introducing a Subscription-based Payment Service Called Care By Volvo

Volvo revealed a new a subscription-based payment system at the 2017 LA Auto Show on Wednesday.  Now, car shoppers can own and operate their vehicles with a new payment option.

The company is offering an XC40 crossover SUV with a $600 a month subscription payment service called Care by Volvo. The new payment system not only includes the cost tax and delivery of the car, but also insurance, maintenance costs and Volvo’s new “concierge” service’s access. You will just have to pay for the gas, any local taxes, and registration fees.

Care by Volvo is offering a first XC40 car which will feature all-wheel drive, Momentum trim and 19-inch wheels.

The subscription has several limitations too.  The subscription’s minimum duration is two years, and after the after the first year, you can swap a new car by signing a new 2-year subscription. You’ll also have to drive no more than 15,000 miles year.

“We’re developing the base car that has the redundancy, the electrical and the software architecture to drive a car that is then steered by an autonomous computer,” said Senior Vice President of Research & Development, Henrik Green.

Green also said that the company is developing the base car for autonomous drive by focusing their internal resources and skills. It is also working on its own autonomous drive system for consumer called level 4 autopilot that it will reveal to market within the 2021 timeframe.

Currently, Care by Volvo is only offering the XC40 in the plan; it will eventually add every model.

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