Violent Earthquakes are set to arrive next year

Two scientists observed Earth’s rotation and claim that destructive earthquakes are set to arrive next year.

Scientists said that next year we could have at least 20 serious earthquakes due to the slowing of Earth’s rotation. The huge ones will occur in tropical regions, home to around one billion people.

Experts say that in some instances the rotation of Earth was extended with a millisecond, while on others, we lost a few. The impact of these small changes on our planet could be huge.

Tiny changes in the speed of our Earth’s rotation will release vast amounts of underground energy. Whenever our planet’s rotation slows down, the number of earthquakes increases. However, we can improve our quake prediction’s mechanism through this event, according to experts. Some scientists rejected their research.

Dr. Roger Bilham from the University of Colorado told the Observer said, “The correlation between Earth’s rotation and earthquake activity is strong and suggests there is going to be an increase in numbers of intense earthquakes next year.”

Experts believe that the Earth’s iron and nickel inner core shape gets shifted due to the minuscule variations in rotation. Planet’s layer sticks a little bit more to the crust that changes the flow of outer core and creates a mismatch between the speed of the solid crust and the mantle. If the rotation period day doesn’t stay uniform over the decades, the Earth’s magnetic field suffers a ripple.

Based on these observations, we could see five more big earthquakes than usual by next year.

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