Google is Bringing Intelligent Camera Software Lens Tool to all Pixel and Pixel 2 phones

Google Lens, One of Google’s most powerful new tool is rolling out to all Pixel and Pixel 2 phones in the coming weeks. The company is updating its Google Assistant by revealing its artificial intelligence-powered Lens feature that can analyze the world around you.

The company has already introduced Lens, back in May at its I/O developer conference. Google has added the AI-powered algorithm into Lens which is capable of recognizing real-world items. When you will point your Pixel or Pixel 2 camera at an object the Google Lens which is a computer vision system will gather information about it in real time.

Now, the company says Lens is rolling out slowly and it will be available as a built-in feature of Google Assistant in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, India, and Singapore in the coming weeks.

Right now, Google Lens can identify simple items such as text for when you want to call a phone number written down on paper and recognize addresses, save information from business cards, follow URLs. It can also identify notable landmarks and show information about are, movies, and books by pointing the camera at the spine or a poster, book covers, and museum installations. It has also the ability to scan barcodes.

Google says Lens will get more improvements by learning more about our surroundings will become an expert at identifying real world’s people, objects, and any manner of other things.

The company says, “Google Lens is also available in Google Photos, so even after you take a picture, you can continue to explore and get more information about what’s in your photo.”

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