Samsung Releases Gear S3 Value Pack Update

Samsung’s innovative and most powerful smartwatch, the Samsung Gear S3 today received a major update.  Dubbed “Value Pack,” it will make the watch more functional and useful in your daily life.

Recently, the Samsung Gear Sport was launched with Tizen 3.0 and some new functionality. This Gear S3 update brings both the Classic and the Frontier to last year’s watch.

The new update will help to streamline information for the user in several new ways. It comes with new fitness-focused features and details that will make the creation of new contacts easier for you. The Value Pack update aims to add several attractive enhancements that any Gear S3 owner would like to use.

Now, the Gear S3 update provides you Clear All option in the notifications and you can also download apps directly from the Galaxy Apps store on the watch. Notifications don’t take several seconds to appear, it is now faster and smoother.

You can create contacts directly from the watch’s display using a little “+” symbol located at the top of the contacts screen’s menu. If you have upcoming events to set for any of your contacts that are visible on the Gear S3, you can create events with a few key details from the watch.

Samsung has also added useful functions like the ability to use the Gear S3 to control fitness program content that you can sync with your TV. It will also display your heart rate on the connected TV. The company has added a new nutrition management feature and the improved accuracy of the real-time heart rate monitoring to the watch.

Now, be sure you have the latest version of the Gear Manager and check for the update in the app’s settings if you haven’t received the latest update.

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