Astronomers have discovered an Earth-sized Planet outside our Solar system

Astronomers have announced that a new Earth-like planet has been discovered outside our solar system.

This Earth-sized world, Ross 128, is a calm red dwarf planet and it is likely to have a surface temperature potentially similar to ours, according to a paper presented in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics.

Ross 128 b is very near its star and currently located at a distance of 11 light-years from Earth, thus the short orbit. The red dwarf star is cool so Ross 128 doesn’t get broiled.

The star is the second- closest planet to be found yet outside our solar system.

The team of scientists unveiled that Ross 128 b orbits 20 times closer than the Earth orbits the Sun.

The team claimed that considering the estimation, the new planet is about one and a half times the mass of the earth.

The life of many red dwarf stars, including Proxima Centauri would be subject to many times the x-ray and ultraviolet radiation.

“There is potential for an atmosphere and hence habitability,” William Danchu, a NASA astrophysicist said. “This is an important discovery and well worth many follow-up studies.”

Red dwarfs are one of the faintest, coolest, and most common stars in the Universe which gives them a good position in the search for exoplanets and so they are increasingly being studied.

The discovery was made by the team at the University of Grenoble Alps’ Xavier Bonfils using La Silla Observatory in chile and the research was reported Wednesday.

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