Here are Some Good and Bad Features of Google’s Pixel Buds

Google released Pixel Buds, the smart, wireless headphones during the company’s Oct. 4 event. Google also introduced two new smartphones, the Google Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 HL. In addition, it announced a number of other hardware including several other second-generation products like the new Google Home (s) (Mini, Max, and Plus), and the Daydream View headset.

Google’s first Bluetooth earphones, Pixel Buds are now available for $159.99 on Google Store.

However, the earphone equipped with a variety of sensors includes an accelerometer, a microphone, and one which powers the capacitive touchpad. Battery capacity has rated at 120 mAh that will provide up to 5 hours of playback.

Though they’re wireless earbuds, they’re not truly wireless. They are also bigger than the Airpods. They also come in a charging case that holds a 620 mAh capacity.

Each earbud includes the translation feature which is very confusing, according to report. The complicated translation feature will not directly translate what you’re hearing.  You will have to select the earbud and ask Google translate, and then you will have to open the Google Translate app and hold the phone in front of your foreign language-speaking friend.

The good feature about the device is that it maintains the connection well.

Pixel Buds play music too, and its sound quality is okay. But some reviewers argue that the sound is well-balanced.

The Pixel Buds are even likely to be uncomfortable if you have smaller ears. They will not fit deeply in your ear canal so they will not block out much noise.


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