Mozilla Released its Overhauled Quantum Firefox with New Updates

Mozilla on Tuesday released an updated version of its browser with a name Quantum or Firefox 57 and the browser will provide faster speed.

Mozilla has doubled its web browsing speed and hopes to double it again in 2018. Mozilla knows people prefer Chrome as it provides efficient performance but Mozilla believes that Firefox 57 will deliver even faster.

Mozilla’s team has also developed a new engine here to make browsing easier and smoother between tabs for users.

Along with the performance improvements, Quantum comes with a new design- it’s polished and more modern looking than previous Firefox we’ve grown used to. The new version provides users pretty experience with the default theme which provides contrast between the active tab and all the others you’ve got open. The browser will also provide light and dark alternatives.

The updated version also has a new screenshot tool which offers you the option to take clips of pages. If you don’t want to capture the whole webpage you can clip certain bits of the site.

It looks like that Firefox Quantum has been working for more than a year to achieve this and it’s an attempt to start fresh.

Mozilla’s senior vice president of Firefox, Mark Mayo said, “We pulled ourselves up to and in some cases ahead of Chrome.” “We doubled the performance of Firefox this year. The tentative goal is can we double it again in 2018.”

Hopefully, Mozilla will turn its new performance into new users with the Firefox 57 version.

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