New Broadcast Feature for the Google Assistant Launches Today

Google on Monday announced a new feature for Google Assistant that allows you to broadcast your voice between your phone and a Google Home speaker in the same house.

Today, this feature is rolling out to Google Assistant in specific countries like Australia, the US, UK, and Canada.

Google Home Product Manager Alex Duong and Google Assistant Software Engineer Nam Do said that Google’s new Broadcast update will work as an in-home intercom system that will relay messages. For example, if you say, “OK Google broadcast ‘it’s time for College” to any device equipped with Google Assistant. The speakers connected with Assistant will play the message in your home. You can also say “OK Google, broadcast ‘it’s dinner time’” and your Google Home devices will ring a dinner bell.

You can also use different Google Home, another Assistant-enabled speaker or Assistant on your phone to speak your command.

Duong and Do says that if you are leaving the office and want to inform your family that you are coming to the home, then you can just say ‘Ok Google, broadcast I’m on my way home!’ to your phone’s Assistant, and it will broadcast to your Google Homes.

Currently, the feature is only limited to English but support for more languages will come soon.

Meanwhile, some retailers are advertising Google Home deals for Black Friday. Costco is selling the Google Home 2 pack with $50 off and Best Buy is taking $29.99 for Google Home Mini Plus a $10 Best Buy gift card.

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