HTC’s Vive Focus is a Standalone VR Headset that Eliminates the Wires

HTC has finally released its upcoming wireless VR headset today at company’s Vive Developer Conference in Beijing. The company announced Vive Wave, which is a toolset that gives people the freedom to experience virtual reality content wherever they are.

HTC also revealed more details about its upcoming standalone VR headset for the China market. The company said that the headset will be known as the Vive Focus. The new Vive Focus uses a high-resolution AMOLED display and packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. It features 6-degree-of-freedom (6DoF) tracking, so you don’t need to set up external base stations or sensors when using the headset.

HTC said that 12 hardware partners, including Pimax, iQIYI, Quanta, Nubia, and more have already signed up to take part in Vive Wave. The company has also confirmed that 35 developers will create software for the Vive Wave platform.

HTC also said that it has teamed up with Unity to integrate Viveport and the Vive Wave SDK into Unity that will offer one-click publishing to the Viveport distribution platform.

Senior director of product management at Qualcomm Technologies Inc., Hugo Swart said, “As the world continues to become more mobile and connected, we’ve been working closely with Vive through our HMD Accelerator Program and advanced VR software features to enable immersive virtual reality experiences without the need for wires or PCs.”

The company has not revealed details about the price and availability of the device. Meanwhile, on the other side, Facebook has already announced its Oculus Go last month. It will be available for $199 next year.



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