Facebook is Killing the Redundancy is its Snapchat Clones and Consolidating it With Facebook as Stories

Facebook is bringing a major revamp in the Facebook Stories feature. Today, Facebook is killing off the Messenger Day and consolidating the chat’s app stories with Facebook Stories.

The Stories feature was copied from the Instagram feature.  The company has decided to well-organized its Stories section.

Now, you can watch Stories that means photos and videos shared in chronological order that disappears after 24 hours in both Facebook app and Messenger. The feature will also provide sync for viewing and Stories, once seen on Messenger will be marked as seen in the app.

Facebook and Messenger will maintain their individual identities and their camera features will remain distinct.

Another addition will now allow you to send replies to Stories through Messenger, according to the social networking giant.

Facebook is also providing Stories feature to the Facebook Lite app, where users who have been using this app may be able to post Facebook Stories.  The feature for Facebook Lite users will soon be available but, initially, they could only view the Stories.

It looks like, Facebook is focusing on the Stories section to make is more popular like Instagram.

Messenger product manager Paulina Bozek said, “Facebook is making the change after doing research on users. “They prefer Story replies to land inside Messenger.”

Facebook is hooping these services will make users’ lives easier and cause less confusion around when people should post in the separate apps.

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