Tesla is working on Revamping its Amps and Navigation System

Tesla is working on its entire map engine that could extend the life of luxury electric cars, without expensive mechanic bills. CEO, Elon Musk announced that the company’s engineers are working to develop a new motor that could have a lifespan of one million miles.

California-based car company’s engineers had formerly been working on the endurance of 200,000 miles for its electric drive unit that carries the electric motor. Musk confirmed that the team is now focusing on much longer endurance that is a one-million-mile engine.

According to report, Tesla was working on its maps and navigation system with its own maps, back in July. Tesla was using new open source modules from MapBox and Valhalla to improve the same system.

The company still testing new map modules to update its maps and navigation systems.

Tesla hacker friend, verygreen discovered the new map system named, “Tesla Maps,” and he gave first look at Tesla’s new map system to the company.

Now, he has uncovered a new map module called “Vector Maps,” which is Tesla’s recent 2017.44 software update’s module.

It’s unclear when the company will release the new module to the feet.

Musk said, “We changed the goal of the drive unit endurance from being approximately 200,000 miles to being a million miles – just basically we want drive units that just never wear out. The drive units that are going out now and for the last several months have been excellent.”

Tesla seems to have been taking lots of efforts to improve its maps and navigation over the last few months.

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