Apple is Releasing Clips 2.0 Version with Impressive Selfie Backgrounds And iCloud Support

Apple is refreshing its Clips movie-making app, with an updated version 2.0., and the app offers mobile videos editing service. Apple has added iCloud support and a new “Selfie Scenes” mode in Clip’s new version.

Back in July, the company added Disney and Pixar sticker to the app. And now, the newest addition is the second big update to the app.

Users can shoot video directly in the app, or import video from their camera roll and then simply give effects and music. The affected side has brought the most impressive upgrade with a new Selfie Scenes feature. The feature will offer you drop out the original background and replace it with another environment.

Selfie Scenes mode uses the iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera system to separate the background of a video from the foreground and to place the person or object into the new environment with digital scenes.

Apple said that it is launching 10 Selfie Scenes including the Millennium Falcon and Mega-Destroyer from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Besides, general urban, nature scenes and even abstract art have added.

Apple is also adding new design into Clips with fresh content which includes six new stickers, Disney filters, 21 new royalty-free music tracks, and editing buttons Note that Apple has not integrated animoji in Clips 2.0 upgrade.

The new updated version Clips 2.0 is freely available to the iPhone 5S and later, and the Pro, Mini 2, and iPad and future running iOS 11.1.


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