Uber’s Flying Taxi Service Could Arrive in Los Angeles by 2020

Uber announced Wednesday that it has teamed up with NASA to develop software which the company plans to use to control and manage “flying taxi” routes.

Back in April, the company made partnerships with Dallas, Texas, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates to test out a network of flying taxi.

Now, On Wednesday, Uber’s head of product Jeff Holden unveiled at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal that the company is adding a third city, Los Angeles, with hopes of having flying taxi service in the air by 2020. LA, Dallas-Fort Worth and Dubai will together work with Uber on the program.

On the same day, Uber shared details about its project for a network of on-demand vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft.

Holden said that Uber and NASA together have signed a Space Act Agreement to create an air traffic control system to manage these flying cars possibly autonomous aircraft.  Uber can join a variety of industry partners working with NASA to develop air traffic management software.

Uber released a video which demonstrates working of its taxi service.  A passenger can book the flight through its Uber app and then go up to a skyport on the roof of near building.

Holden stated, “We’ve studied this carefully and we believe it is scalable, we’ve done the hard work so we can build skyports, and can get the throughput operationally to move tens of thousands of flights per day per city.”

Trips in this new flying cars will cost as little as $20. The company is also working with manufacturers including Aurora Flight Sciences, an aeronautics research company to build air traffic management software.


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