Google is Introducing Come New Protections to Next Chrome Version

When you browse the web for particular content some links take you to your destination in a new window but then navigate your original site to some ad. And then another variety of sites just redirect you to a new unknown page for no reason.

With an upcoming version of Chrome browser, called Chrome 65, Google plans to fix these issues. The company is releasing some new protections to Chrome. The new version will stamp out surprise ads that activate when a site you’re visiting redirects you to a new page.

Over the next few months, the updated browser will start blocking fake and unwanted redirects where a website unexpectedly loads a new page.

Chrome has already started blocking pop-up ads, but sneaky developers embed some code into a website to bypass these protections. The company has reported that users are complaining about unwanted redirects.

The company said, “1 out of every 5 feedback reports from Chrome users on desktop mention encountering some type of unwanted content.”

Google director of product management Ben Galbraith said that one of the advantages of the web is that it gives developers a really rich set of content to create various experiences they imagine.  But some people misuse this power.

In Chrome 65, if any page or ad tries to take you to unwanted destination by abusing the power of iframes, Chrome will pop up an infobar but won’t redirect you to the new site automatically.

Users can test the new feature on a pre-release version of Chrome. After installing the version, you can try this new feature on any sketchy site.

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