Google’s New Files Go App Might Even Work without Internet Connection

Apple’s AirDrop has been providing extremely easy and handy way to share files among Apple devices, now, Google is reportedly working on a new file manager app called “Files Go.”

The search giant is testing the new Files Go App for Android that will feature wireless transfer. That means, the app will offer wireless transferring of files without an internet connection, much like Apple’s AirDrop tech.

The new app will partly work as a file manager. There’s a storage tab to show you how much space is being used and it also provides tools that you can use to clean up your phone’s files.  You can make free spaces as the app also includes options to delete apps, clear app caches, and remove spam or duplicate images. There’s a files tab that groups content into different types, such as images, video, and audio.

According to rumors, file transfer will work via Bluetooth, but that’s not confirmed yet.  The search giants believe that the app is very useful. Even Google Photos already has a way to clean up unwanted files but the new tool is not limited to photos and images.

Some theories reveal that the Files Go app will only run on the Android Go operating system. Some reports suggest that it will be available globally at the beginning of December.

Apple’s AirDrop might finally get some interesting competition from Google. It looks like, with this new Files Go app, Google is answering to Apple’s AirDrop.

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