OnePlus 5T Launch Event Takes Place on Nov. 16

OnePlus added another new member to its smartphone lineup, the new OnePlus 5T. The company just recently confirmed that it will unveil the OnePlus 5T on November 16 at an event in New York.  Meantime, people in India can purchase the smartphone through a flash sale which will take place on 21 November. However, from 28 November, the official sale would begin.

The fans will be able to buy the phone later this month and the phone will go on sale on November 21 in North America and Europe.

The launch event comes exactly one year after OnePlus introduced the OnePlus 3T.  Just like how the company launched 3T with the improved version of OnePlus 3, the OnePlus 5T is expected to improve upon the OnePlus 5.

The company said that it will allow fans to attend the event which is very exciting news for the OnePlus fans. Typically, such kinds of event are limited to the media or higher authorities and we would have to watch the event online or check out live blogs.

OnePlus is offering tickets for those fans who want to attend it in New York, for $40 and it would be available from 8 November.  For other people can watch it on OnePlus’ official launch page as the company will broadcast the livestream.

According to rumors, the new device is expected to come with two 20 MP dual camera setup at the back and powered with 8 GB RAM.


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