The NichePhone-S is Looks like a Pocket Calculator

FutureModel has confirmed that it will release an extremely tiny smartphone called the NichePhone-S. The device runs Android and can only make phone calls, supports text and music.

The NichePhone-S is similar in size of a credit card and priced around 10,000 yen. It looks like an odd little calculator.

The phone is suitable for those users who want a simple device. The device weighs 38 grams, is 6.5mm thick and contains 1-inch display size. It only supports NTT Docomo’s 3G network.

There is also Bluetooth that you can pair with a Bluetooth headset for music listening and making phone calls. It is also capable of voice recording and tethering a 3G data connection. But there is a limitation with this phone is that you can’t install apps. It is also not a water or dust resistance phone.

The NichePhone-S is based on a MediaTek MT6572A processor (from 2013), and it has a nanoSIM card slot, and a microUSB port for charging. You can talk 3 hours, as the phone contains 550mAh battery. The phone is powered by Android 4.2.

According to the report, the phone will be available in Japan on November 10th and will sell for around $95.

If you are looking for the small device there is another phone by the name of Jelly which has 4G and a 2.45-inch display and it runs Android. The device is expensive as it costs you $125. But is more efficient than NichePhone-S according to report.

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