The Lamborghini Terzo Millennio -Third Millennium with Fully Electric Concept

Meet the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio, an electric hyper car concept which is nothing else but a Lamborghini for the third millennium. The Lamborghini revealed the beautiful and bold Terzo Millennio in the cool Boston air on Monday.

The company unveiled the unique project in partnership with MIT that is very much a Lamborghini approach to the EV performance car.

There will definitely be some advanced tech too, due to the involvement of MIT. This is necessary as the automotive world is growing with new technologies. Even, there is the talk of robots doing the driving.

The most notable tech is the supercapacitors energy storage technology. Automakers always try to fit more and more power into the same space and Energy density has become a headache for them. Supercapacitors are designed with the capacity which can store and then release power. They have longer cycle lives, charge quickly, and discharge more rapidly than batteries. That rapidity forces electric car companies to target them for making electric car with high performance.

Maurizio Reggiani, the company’s director of R&D said that Lamborghini fans do like “tech” inside their cars, but not the model that takes away the fun of driving.

Reggiani stated, “At this moment, Lamborghini is a small company,” “we are focused on products. There is going to be, I don’t know when – a dramatic change in the super sports car field. We have identified two areas where that change can be more radical.”

According to Lamborghini, the partnership is costing the company around 200,000 per year and contracted to last three years.


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