Intel Will Ship New 8th Generation CPU with Integrated Graphics and Memory

Intel announced that it is working with Arch-rivals AMD to introduce the evolution of 8th-generation H-series mobile processors. Both companies have teamed up to co-design a new series of processors with a custom AMD Radeon graphics core inside the processor package. The companies are aiming to bring top-tier gaming to thin-and-light notebook PCs.

The evolution will have the ability to power-manage the entire module to preserve battery life, according to executives from both AMD and Intel. The company will start shipping as early as the first quarter of 2018.

Though both the companies are involved in designing the new processor, this is Intel’s project. Initially, Intel approached AMD and then both companies confirmed the collaboration.

The new chip will be equipped with multiple pieces of silicon including, a custom-built AMD Radeon GPU, an Intel CPU, and tacked second-generation High Bandwidth Memory (HBM2).

Placing CPU, GPU, and memory in close proximity is Intel’s new “Embedded Multi-Die Interconnect Bridge” (EMIB). EMIBs are small, a high speed, short-range interconnectors that Intel has designed to bridge discrete logic chips a single chip package.

EMIB uses pieces of silicon to connect the chips and these pieces of silicon enable much denser packing of interconnects.

The surprising collaboration and tight integration is new for both companies. The companies have not revealed the cost and specs of the chips but according to rumors, it will be Kaby Lake-R with Vega graphics.  Even it’s not clear what the packages will look like.


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