Around 1 Million Users Downloaded this Fake malware-infected WhatsApp

The fake WhatsApp software has recently discovered that highlights Google’s troubles preventing malware-infected apps out of its mobile app store.

In the latest incident, more than one million people downloaded a fake version of the WhatsApp instant messenger last week.  Google successfully removed the app on Sunday. According to security researchers that was just the tip of a dirty iceberg.

On Nov.6, a Google spokesman noted that the fake WhatsApp version which was downloaded by one million users has been removed from Google Play. The company also said that, the developer account from which the fake version was uploaded has been suspended for violating the company’s terms and conditions.

The discovery and removal of the fake WhatsApp software forced outsiders to find out such fake application. In result, they found rough applications on Google’s Play store.

In mid-October officials reported that they found around eight malware infected Android apps on Google Play and around 2.6 million users have downloaded them worldwide.

ESET security researcher Lukas Stefanko said, “What I am more concerned about is [developers] uploading fake banking or financial apps with really similar icons, app and developer names, either using whitespaces or Unicode characters in the name.”

Over the past two years, Google has implemented various automated software for scanning malware affected applications before they can be uploaded to Google Play.  But the measures are not enough to stop rogue developers from uploading malicious applications to Google Play. The company is trying to make improvements in its review system.


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