Doppler Labs Has Closed Its Doors after Running Out Of Cash

Doppler Labs, an audio technology company announced Tuesday, that it’s in the process of shutting down.  The upstart headphone company founded four years ago as a rare stock in the startup world.  But now, it announced that it was going out of business.

Doppler Labs raised more than $50 million in venture funding from investors like Universal Music, Live Nation and the Chernin Group.

The company revealed its first product, Dubs, back in 2014. They were cheaper and providing protection to ears without altering the natural sound too much.

Then Doppler started developing the Here One earbuds that equipped with a feature called, “active listening system,” and allowed you to play music through the earbuds. The product was the updated version of the Here Active Listening System, Doppler’s second ear plug product.

The company stated that Here One only sold 25,000 units; however, the company was expecting profit below the hundred thousand-plus.  So, the investors were afraid to invest more money into the company, and couldn’t find a feasible buyer.

Thereafter, the company decided to pay the last cash to employee for their contribution and shut down.

“We started a hardware business! There’s nothing else to talk about. We shouldn’t have done that,” said, CEO Noah Kraft.

Doppler really tried to help people protect or revamp their hearing through a unique, customized approach to hearing in general. Doppler’s employees could possibly join other companies that will help them to fully realize their goals.

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