Astronauts on the International Space Station Interact With Students

NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik and Joe Acaba talked with the students via Skype Monday, during the 20 minute earth-to-space call. The call was broadcasted in Santa Monica High’s Barnum Hall.

The students queried about the daily life in the ISS, learning about the walking in space and what the craft smells like.

Randy Bresnik, commander of the 53rd Expedition to the space station told students that walking in the space will overcome your physical fear.

A 12th grader Ifeyani Williams asked the astronauts about their preparation for space in the Santa Monica High School.

Another student asked the most difficult life challenges arrived during the adjustment period from life on Earth. Acaba said, “I have dreams where I’m actually floating — floating instead of walking. It’s cool.”

A team of students who showed an experiment in the Student Space Flight Experiments Program Mission 11, held in Lincoln Middle School last year, wanted to know the smell of the space station.

While Bresnik answered, “It’s a cream of mushroom soup,” Fellow astronaut Acaba said that it was more of a metallic smell and the scent was absolutely unique.

Students also asked them, “what is it like to walk in space?”

“All your peripheral vision is just space and then all of a sudden when you look down, the only thing between you and the earth is your boots. That’s when it becomes physically very, very real,” students received very beautiful answer from Bresnik.

It was a wonderful and amazing experience for students as they got inspiration from two astronauts.

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