Nintendo’s Animal crossing: Pocket Camp Is Coming to Your Phone

Nintendo announced on Tuesday that it is launching Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for iOS and Android devices next month. Gamers can manage their own campsite where you can craft furniture and amenities, you can help animals. Users can personalize their campsite with their own character and design.

Like the original games, users can follow the real passage of time and help animal friends by collecting fruit or finding bugs.

While the game continues to keep the familiar graphics and gameplay of the series it also supports “micro transactions” with the in-game Leaf Ticket currency.  At this stage, players can receive Leaf Tickets within the game or purchase using real money. You can use the Leaf Ticket to speed-up in-game time or in the exchange of material.  The in-game currency can get you what you need when you don’t have the required items.

Nintendo has not revealed any release date for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, but it will be available in November.  The game was announced for late November, but Australian users have already acquired and downloaded the game off the Google Play Store.

The game is totally free with in-app purchases. Users who are interested in this launch can pre-register on the official website of the game with Nintendo account so that they can get launch notifications

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is Nintendo’s fourth mobile game and it brings many of the things players love about the Animal Crossing.

The company might have just found the correct franchise for mobile devices with this mobile game.


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