Google Launches Third-Party Add-Ons for Gmail to Make Your Inbox More Interesting

It’s a generation of WhatsApp, Snapchat and Slack while the email seems like last century’s technology revolution. But now, Google is bringing new usefulness to its Gmail service.

On October 25th, Google launched third-party add-ons for Gmail. The company has already announced about the internalization of all the third-party Gmail add-ons.  The new feature refreshed the Gmail message by opening many online tasks like creating to-do lists, keeping contact lists fresh, and tracking job candidates. Whether you are an enterprise or individual user, these native extensions will offer some power of services like Trello, Asana, Wrike, DocuSign, and others for your inbox.

Google has been working with a number partners including, DocuSign, Asana, Hire, Intuit QuickBooks, Dialpad, Smartsheet, Trello, ProsperWorks, Streak, RingCentral, and Wrike to bring a first set of native extensions to Gmail.

The company is focusing on productivity services which already have some connection to email. The add-ons live in the setting section at the top-right of your Gmail window and after scrolling down you will find “Get Add-Ons.”

The interesting thing is that these add-ons also work in the Android’s mobile Gmail app. keeping in mind the iOS support, a Google spokesperson said, “The company is working with Apple to bring Gmail Add-ons to iOS users. But it’s unclear when exactly this will happen, though.”

These new native integrations with Gmail surely will make life easier due to the mobile integration.

Users can install these native integrations from the G Suite Marketplace and developers even can start creating add-ons for their own organizations.

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