Our Brain Has Evolved To Be As Selfish and prioritize its own energy needs, Study Found

A new study found that if you intensely think and intensely exercise at the same time, your performance in both thinking and moving can worsen. But the performance of your muscles will decrease much more than your brain’s will, the study described.

The study was conducted by researchers in Cambridge University that explains how the human body prioritizes its inner workings.  The study says that our brain prioritizes its own energy needs and this evolution could help our species survive in the long run. Humans have inordinately large brains for our size as compared to all other animals.

The researchers involved 62 male participants with an average age of 21 years. The researchers gave the participants two separate tasks: the first test was a three minute word recall test and another physical one with a three minute power test on a rowing machine.

They told the participants to perform both the tasks at the same time and compared their individual scored to the ones with the preceding tests. They found that performing both the tasks at the same time reduced their mental and physical performance. They also discovered that the change in recall was significantly less than the change in power output.

Danny Longman from University of Cambridge says “A well-fuelled brain may have offered us better survival odds than well-fuelled muscles when facing an environmental challenge.”

The highly active and functioning brain is one of the crucial factors that make us human. This study simply specifies the characteristic of our species.

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