Facebook Is Testing the Idea of Dividing Its News Feeds in Two

Facebook is rolling out hard-to-find Explore Feed this week which it recently launched for discovering new stuff like Events, Groups, Saved items, and Moments. It removed Page posts from the News Feed and relocated them to a separate feed.

“We currently have no plans to roll this test out further,” said Facebook’s VP of News Feed Adam Mosseri.

Most people can see the feed in their bookmarks and they can find new content there. But users from Sri Lanka, Bolvia, Cambodia, Slovakia, Guatemala, Serbia, and Cambodia can see the posts in Explore Feed as all posts are moved from newsfeed.  Now, the main newsfeed just has friend and sponsored posts.

Facebook is giving two feeds from which one will give stuff from their friends and family and other from businesses and publishers. Facebook always tries to connect people with the most meaningful posts.

Facebook conducted a test in six countries by taking content from publishers and businesses out its main feed. It placed all non-ad Page posts in the much less visible Explore Feed. According to Facebook-owned analytical tool CrowdTangle, it results in loss of a selection of the top Facebook Pages in Slovakia for around two-thirds to three-fourths of their reach.

The new launch highlights the massive impact on the publishing world because Facebook always puts users first. Facebook will always continue to make users happy by keeping advertises. Users are the priority of Facebook while publishers and developers are not.  Everyone should have to understand that Facebook’s favor is changeable.

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