Botox Injections May Reduce Pain of Migraines

Botox can help to children who suffer from migraine headaches as it has become increasingly popular effective and safe treatment. In recent years, the treatment has been working effectively for treating chronic migraines for those that experience 15 or more attacks each month.

Botox helps to freeze the muscle and prevent migraines by blocking muscle spasms. It is the form of a toxin which provides significant relief.

Researchers from the University of California discovered that Botox helped decrease the frequency and intensity of migraines in children.

The overall data from shows that around 37 million Americans suffer from migraines.  Millions of Americans suffer from migraines before the age of 18.

Around 60 percent of visits to pediatric headache specialists are for migraines, according to the study presented at the American Society of Anesthesiologists’ Anesthesiology 2017 annual meeting in Boston.

One of the co-authors of the study, Dr. Shalini Shah, says, “Most of the kids I get are being home-schooled.” “Their migraines are so debilitating, and, in many cases last multiple days, that they are not able to attend regular school and keep up with assignments,” she said.

She reported that other treatments like Tylenol, seizure medications, or Advil are tranquilizers which can make children sleepy and nauseous.

She conducted the study of nine children and adolescents between ages 8 and 17. Initially the pain levels of children and adolescents were between four and eight. After Botox injections, these levels cut down to a rant of 1.75 to five.

Dr. Shah said, “Hopefully, we are able to achieve and prove the use of Botox in kids worth migraines and get FDA approval, and we’re hoping that it’s not too far away.”


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