Bungie Shared Its Visions about Seasons in Destiny 2

Bungie is focusing on rolling out the content for Destiny 2. This weekend, in the panel called “the Seasons of Destiny,” Bungie shared its views about how seasons will work in Destiny 2 and what gamers can expect in Seasons 2.

Bungie is also preparing for taking winter events in Destiny 2 later this year. The winter event will get a name as The Dawning and it will offer gamers to play games such as hockey and throw snowballs at each other. The hockey mini-game will be same as the soccer mini-game launched with Destiny 2 which is currently available in the game.

There is a time limit for winter events so players will have to get in on the action while it’s available. Along with the new gameplay events, Bungie will add some brand new winter-themed covering to the game through which you can access three cool new outfits for different characters in the game. The outfit is of bright silver color with a clear sky-blue color in the under-armor. It will attract players with its copper trimmings and highlights around the pauldrons, helmets and chest pieces. Players can take snowballs from the ground and throw them to damage enemies.

There will be many other items available for event, but details about those items are not shared yet.

Bungie will be introducing three Destiny 2 streams in November that will provide more information about Season 2.  Players can expect the launch of The Dawning this winter.


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