Qualcomm Completed First 5G Test on a Mobile Device, Shows 5G Reference Phone Design

Qualcomm has announced that it has completed its first test on a 5G connection on a mobile device. The chipmaker is showing off the Qualcomm’s 5G reference design phone at its 4G/5G Summit in Hong Kong on Tuesday morning, as it is one of several innovations.

The smartphone reference is designed to show how 5G spectrum going to get filled into small form factor. The company will use this reference design to test 5G modems, radios, and networks with smartphone makers as they are preparing to release 5G-compatible smartphones by the first half of 2019.

The test was held using the X50 5G modem and was performed on the 28GHz millimeter wave frequency band. The reference design is 9mm thick and contains an edge-to-edge display.

Qualcomm also developed a new millimeter wave antenna to assist the X50 modem work in a smartphone form-factor. The company said that it will fit two these antennas in the smartphone, and shrink it by another 50 percent as the smallest millimeter wave design is already available.

Additionally, Qualcomm has also unveiled a series of components that will help device manufacturers to support T-Mobile’s new 600MHz spectrum which is currently in deployment. For now, only LG V30 smartphone will support the new spectrum.

Lastly, Qualcomm Technologies has announced the new Snapdragon 636 mobile platform, which boasts 40 percent improvement across performance, then improvement in gaming, display. According to Qualcomm, shipping of new chip to consumers will be start in November.

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