Microsoft refreshed its Xbox One with Some New Updates, Including a Faster Dashboard

On Monday, Microsoft revealed 2017 update for the Xbox One with some changes and additions to the gaming platform.  Microsoft has completed the pre-release testing phase and is prepared to roll it out worldwide, starting today.

With this new update, the Home Screen is changed with the introduction of content “blocks.” In the previous version, sometimes it was difficult to find what you were looking for but now with the blocks, you can select content, games or apps whichever you want.

The updated Home Screen now will show you things like friend activities, Looking For Group messages, leaderboards, and more.  Another new feature was added in this update is the option to select between dark, light and high-contrast themes for your dashboard from the Settings tab.

Furthermore, this Xbox One Fall update puts the initialization for the launch of the Xbox One X in November.  It produces a page that will direct you how to do things like transfer games to an external hard drive or copy them across a home network to another console. You can also download 4K content for existing games on an Xbox One, so you will hit the ground running after launching the Xbox One X.  GameDVR has been updated to support more than 4K/HDR screenshots and game clips.

From today, the new Xbox One dashboard will be available for all Xbox One and Xbox One S consoles, and Microsoft will also launch more great features for its Xbox Insider testers soon.


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