If You Are Trying to understand someone’s Feelings Then Just Listen To Them without Looking

If you are interested to understand how someone is feeling then, you can listen to them without looking according to a new study from the Yale School of Management. The study found that we understand others emotions more correctly when using vocal signals.

According to the latest research, catching real emotions accurately from the voice tone is easier than catching from the facial expressions.

Michael Kraus, PhD, of Yale University, conducted a series of five experiments on more than 1,800 participants.

Kraus noted that the research on the relation of the facial expression and the body language with emotions has conducted.

In all experiment, the participants were requested either to interact with another person, or observe an interaction between two others.

There were four experiments for the interactions in first, participants were asked to only listen and not look; in another, they were asked to look but not listen and in the third they were able to look and listen.

In last group, participants listened to a computerized voice reading a transcript of an interaction which is a condition without the normal emotional cadence of human communication.

According to Kraus, the result found that in all of the experiments, participants who were listening without looking accurately identified the emotions.

Kraus explained that we can easily hide our real emotions using facial expression so the facial cues are not always as accurate as we think. The researchers highlighted that the voice is the “most viable” source of emotion perception.

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