Amazon’s Alexa Can Recognize Specific User’s Voice and Give Personalized Response

Alexa users can set up voice recognition to Amazon’s Alexa AI to recognize different user’s voices, Amazon announced today. You can train Amazon’s voice assistant using the Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Show as these devices are useful for delivering personalized responses to everyone in your family.

The device will ask you to read 10 phrases and it will use that data to create a voice profile. After completing the training, voice profile will work across other Alexa devices including Echo series devices, tablets, smartphone and third-party Alexa-enabled devices.

Users can train their voice in the Alexa app by going through the app’s settings, then the Account heading, and then going into your voice. Then you will just need to select an Alexa device that you’re logged into, and then you can perform training on that device in quite environment.

There is cloud storage for training data so that Alexa devices purchased in the future will recognize users.

Trained Alexa devices can do tasks like make personal music recommendations, send and receive the right messages automatically enter and authorize shopping information. If you have a smartphone but not an Amazon account then you can log in as a guest into the app on your own device in order to set up voice recognition.

Amazon stated that voice recognition will become smarter in near future. The company also says that touch-to-talk device like Fire TV remote and the Amazon Tap does not support voice profiles.


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