Snapchat’s New Context Cards Update Is Making It a Truly Useful App

On Tuesday, Snapchat announced that it is adding a new feature what it’s calling “Context Cards,” to deliver more information about the places or business from which people are snapping.

When users will add snaps to the regional Our Story feature or send with the white-text, venue-specific geofilter will automatically include the cards. Users can swipe up through “more” on any snap; it will show you an interactive card pop up with contextual information about the place in question. The cards will contain location data and other appropriate information, including reviews, menus, details on how to make a reservation, phone numbers, and the option for booking a ride there.

Snap has partnered with various companies including OpenTable, TripAdvisor, Uber, Michelin, Resy, Goop, Booktable, Lyft, and Foursquare to supply information and services for the cards. With Context Cards Snapchat will help users in planning and documenting their daily lives. For example, users can find out what their friends are up to, or what’s going on nearby their city, and tap into a location to find out how much enjoyment had there the night before.

Recently Snap announced that over 170 million users spend an average of more than 30 minutes each day with the app.

In the future, Snap could add paid location to its maps or work out deals to monetize this use-case where it will monetize through referrals to bars, restaurants, and venues through the app.

Snap announced that the tool will be available in the Canada, US, UK, New Zealand, and Australia soon.


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