Alibaba Group Will invest $15 billion In Alibaba DAMO Academy, A New Global Research and Development Program

China’s largest e-commerce company, Alibaba Group today announced that it will launch Alibaba DAMO Academy, which is a global research and development initiative. At company’s annual cloud computing conference in Hangzhou, Alibaba CTO Jeff Zhang reported that the company will invest more than $15 billion over the next three years into this program.

According to Chinese tech giant the company is recruiting 100 researchers and they will help it in achieving its goal of serving two billion customers and providing 100 million jobs by 2036. The effort shows how Alibaba is working to become a global tech giant capable of competing with major companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. Its performance highlights how the company is increasing technological collaboration worldwide.

DAMO Academy, which stands for “Discovery, Adventure, Momentum, and Outlook,” will be led by Alibaba Group chief technology officer Jeff Zhang and will open seven labs around the world:   Beijing and Hangzhou in China, while others will be in Moscow, Bellevue, Singapore, San Mateo, Russia, Tel Aviv, and Israel.

They will consider “foundation and disruptive technology research” as their main target which will include areas such as natural-language processing, machine learning, data intelligence, and quantum computing. The labs will develop technology and publish papers that will be useful for both Alibaba and third parties.

MR Zhang said that Alibaba DAMO Academy will contribute major role in developing upcoming generation technology that will stimulate the growth of Alibaba and their partners. The company’s aim is to discover advance technologies that will offer great efficiency, network security and ecosystem synergy for users and businesses, according to MR Zhang.

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