Twitter Is Working On A New Bookmarking Tool, “Save For Later”

Twitter is preparing to launch the bookmarking feature that will allow users to save tweets for later reading, a Twitter product manager announced today.

Product manager Jesar Shah stated that Twitter started working on a Save for Later feature. Using this addition, users can keep separate list of items in which they can preserve their tweets for later reference, instead of using the heart button.

Many users “especially in Japan” was requesting for this feature to easily and privately save Tweets for later, according to Shah.

Twitter’s other employees, including new hired Sriram Krishnan, who is a senior director of product  also noted Twitter’s plans for this new feature.

Shah said  that, users uses many ways to privately save tweets to reference later, like bookmarking them with the heart, DM-ing them to themselves, or even they re-tweet them.

These methods are not ideal as they’re not as fast as just clicking a button to save the tweet, with the exception of the “heart” feature.

Twitter is not the first that is updating feed with a save button, Facebook has already launched its bookmarking tool some years ago.

Twitter’s bookmarking feature will come under the tweet’s “More” menu, where users can tap to a new “Add to Bookmark” option. But after release, this design could change by the time.

Twitter will build the new bookmarking feature with the help and feedback of community. It is not clear that when this tool will roll out or who will be able to test it. But according to a Twitter spokesperson, the company will launch it publicly soon.


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