Rockstar Revealed All New Updates for the GTA Online

Rockstar Games has some new big plans for Grand Theft Auto V, which will be accessible in the multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto V by upcoming months. The evolution of racing will let gamers to race on the ground, jump in a high-speed jet, and then dive into a Jetski.  With new tracks in Transform Races, every land, air and water vehicle will be usable.

The developers announced that the interaction between the players and multiplayer races has changed with all new Transform Races mode. Players will have to use a variety of vehicles in different race types; this will create a unique twist on the multiplayer component of the game.

Players who will create a custom player-made course will get the features of the Transform Races throughout the GTA online landscape.

Rockstar is also launching two new adversary modes for GTA Online called Condemned and Dogfight. Condemned is free for everyone and one player is the “dead man.” The dead man has to pass the “death sentence” to another player within the specified time. In Dogfight, the player will battle in the air and try to pass the opposition spiraling to their destruction.

Rockstar has also confirmed that it will be adding few new vehicles including, the “Hunter,” the “Vigilante,” and “Coil Cyclone.” While, Hunter is an attack helicopter, “Coil Cyclone,” and “Vigilante” is the road-based vehicles. Along with these vehicles, new weaponized vehicles, new legendary Motorsport vehicles, and new buildings are coming to GTA Online.

Though the game is four years old, Rockstar is still frequently updating the GTA Online portion of GTA 5 to continue the online competition.

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