Instagram Stories Now Will be More Attractive with This New Polling Feature

Instagram is making its stories more creative and attractive with a new interactive polling feature that users can add with a “Poll sticker.” On Tuesday, Instagram updated its app. The new feature allows you to add a two-answer poll on top of your Stories that your friends and followers can answer with a tap, just like adding the location sticker.

Along with a poll feature in stories, Instagram also has included a new color picker to use on text and brushes, and an alignment tool to help make your stories more attractive for your followers. With the color picker feature, Instagram is becoming closer to a mobile Photoshop.

You can write your own questions and defaults the answer to Yes and No, you can also edit the default answer to be whatever you want. Your friends will answer you and see the results and you can see the results by just opening the viewers’ list on your Story, and it will show your total vote count, who voted, and what the chose.

Whether you’re trying to plan tomorrow’s trip, choosing which outfit to take or figuring out where to go for shopping; now it’s easy to share a two-option poll right in your Story.

Instagram is putting the user experience above its own achievement among experts as it has launched Snapchat’s features as well as other built by smaller startups. Instagram has arguably more style that should give pause to any startup building something in the social space.


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