Google Clips Will Capture Your Important Moments

Everyone loves photos and videos. They hold memories and capture the essence of the moment.

The problem is for capturing those shots someone has to be the photographer who misses the right moment of snap. This means, while you are capturing the great and spontaneous shots, you become the designated photographer and you have to wait to snap a photo at some special moments like a great family moment and so on.

However, Google is solving this problem by launching Google Clips, a tiny lightweight camera, powered by machine learning that has ability to capture more genuine moments of the people and pets. It selects the best moments for you automatically by capturing videos and images.

You can set the camera anywhere, for example on the birthday celebration of your kids when your family is enjoying the occasion or clip it to a chair to get a shot of your dog playing with its toy. You can also capture other moments through a shutter button located on camera and in the corresponding app.

Google Clip is technically a fascinating product as it is a pretty much self-contained unit and whether you are an iOS or Android user, it will work.

But the limitation with this device is you can’t expect that the Clip will find best images for you at the vacation, it just can find images of people and pets. But, the company is planning to expand the capability of the device for supporting more situations. Definitely, it is an expensive device due to its amazing functionality and will cost at $249.

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