Waymo is preparing to launch its First Self-Driving Ride-Sharing Service As Soon As This Fall

Waymo seems to be going fast and breaking predictions on self-driving cars. According to the anonymous sources, the self-driving car company, Waymo that started out as a division of Google is planning to launch the first commercial ride-sharing service with self-driving vehicles very soon.

The company is already been working on tests of its autonomous cars in Phoenix, Arizona,  you will know if you have been an audience of Waymo’s advancement. But the entire tests are going with a driver behind the wheel for safety.

Now, the company is preparing to leave the training wheels and make the cars autonomous without the safety driver as early as possible.

The tests will continue to be in Phoenix because of its well-maintained roads, scanty population and favorable laws when it comes to self-driving cars.

According to another report, the self-driving ride-sharing service will operate in Chandler, a Phoenix suburb and Waymo testing ground.

After successfully completing the tests, Waymo will definitely bring its ride-hailing driverless cars across more areas. So you don’t need to wait for more time, your first ride in a driverless taxi could happen soon.

Before that can happen, the important thing is dependent on humans for difficult taking decisions.

In such situations, where a Waymo vehicle doesn’t know what should be the next step, it will contact a human operator, who will guide it. This will limit the amount of dependency on humans, as one person can potentially guide many vehicles.

But, if a person doesn’t respond immediately to the request form the car, it could be dangerous and this is a big problem. So, Waymo will need to prove that its vehicles are totally safe before a global launch.

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