Tattoos Can Cause Cancer 15-Years Later

Doctors in Australia stated that tattoos can cause infections 15 years after they were drawn. They suspected that a woman had a type of cancer called lymphoma. When they put her extended lymph node under a microscope they were shocked. They found black tattoo pigment of 15 years older tattoo to which her immune system was started reacting now. However, doctors at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney noted that it was harmless.

Lymph nodes enlarge in many cancers including lymphomas, which come from immune cells. Lymph nodes may also expend duet to infection and inflammation.

That Australian woman’s lymph nodes were enlarged because the old tattoo ink stated reacting and not due to cancer cells. Doctors successfully removed a lymph node from her armpit and discovered a bunch of immune cells that were stacked with black pigment.

Our skin has its own immune cells that are always surveiling the skin and if these immune cells found the tattoo pigment they consume it and travels through the skin to the lymph nodes throughout the period of years. The research was revealed by the Dr. Bill Stebbins, director of cosmetic dermatology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The pigment remains in the body because it is too large for these cells to eat and digest it.

However, the specific reason behind the infection to the woman has not found. Doctors stated that to avoid any ink-related issues, these guidelines can help you: prefer the most reputable tattoo parlor. If you have any allergies then inform the tattoo artist in advance and make sure they are cleaning everything properly.

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