Breakfast-Skippers Are at High Risk of Heart arteries Than Breakfast-Fans

Skipping breakfast is associated with atherosclerosis development and even light breakfasts also linked to subclinical plaque formation.

A new study found that, middle-aged adults who skip breakfast are at higher risk of heart arteries than those who enjoy a big morning breakfast.  The new study links breakfast to the better heart health.

Plaques are accumulations of fats, calcium, and other substances that can develop in arteries, which can create the condition called atherosclerosis by hardening them. Atherosclerosis can cause heart attacks, strokes, and other complications.

Another study revealed that skipping breakfast directly doesn’t harm people’s arteries. The study revealed by Jose Penalvo, the senior researchers of Tufts University’s Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy in Boston.

But, Penalvo also said that skipping breakfast can negatively affect appetite-regulating hormones, insulin, and blood sugar.  His studies unveiled that people who enjoy heavy meal are less likely to be obese or have diabetes or heart disease.

The researchers observed more than 4,000 adults with ages of 40 to 54 from Spain. Three percent were breakfast-skippers, and 27 percent were regularly enjoying big breakfast. Around 70 percent people ate a relatively low-calorie breakfast. Plaque development was found in around 75 percent of breakfast-skippers.

The study found that breakfast fans were healthier in because they usually ate vegetables, fruits, seafood, and lean meat.

Penalvo said that breakfast is not only the solution it should be just one part of healthy diet and other good habits like regular exercise.

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