Google is Expected to Reveal its Next Top Devices on October 4th Event

Google’s top tech giant is widely expected to launch its next top devices including Pixel phones, a Pixelbook laptop, and more Google Home speakers. The October 4th event might involve more for Chrome OS users than the Pixelbook.

As Apple’s iPhoneX and Amazon’s new Echo smart speakers revealed, Google is expected to introduce its own mobile devices’ and smart appliances’ versions to compete with its competitors and keep Google’s fans in its ecosystem.

The event is important for the company to place its new products in front of consumers in the holiday rush.

Google’s next-gen smartphones, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will be introduced in partnership with HTC and LG, respectively.  When the company will release Google Pixel 2, it seems that the developer will eliminate the 3.5 mm headphone jack.

According to the reports, storage will be 128 GB as maximum, and Pixel 2 will also embrace E-SIM technology. Using this, the users can switch networks without swapping SIM cards.

Battery life will be a large enough 3,520 mAh and there will be smaller 2,700 unit resident in the Google Pixel 2 through which the smartphone will bring more than decent battery life on a single charge.

Another great feature is, “Google Cloud storage option,” which the company will offer for free until 2023.

Google is signaling like competing with Apple and Samsung. The company is also expected to reveal the updates about its nifty Lens AR technology, which stole the show at I/O developer conference of Google in May.


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