Dream Loss Due To Sleep Deprivation Can Trigger Health Issues- Study Claims

Lack of sleep due to modern lifestyle can lead to increase health-related issues and harm health. It can trigger a lot of risks like hypertension, heart conditions, and diabetes among others. Nowadays, it is a common complaint,

Scientists have claimed that the unrecognized public health hazard can increase the risk of depression. Researchers revealed several factors that cause rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and dream loss.

In typical sleep, non-REM sleep is prioritized by the body. Only later in the night and into the early morning people experience the dreaming, during REM sleep.

Another problem added to the list is a study has discovered that silent epidemic of dream loss can cause illness claiming that the unrecognized public health hazard which can lead to depression.

The University of Arizona in the US’s assistant professor Rubin Naiman said, “We are at least as dream-deprived as we are sleep-deprived. Many of our health concerns attributed to sleep loss actually result from REM sleep deprivation.”

He titled REAM/dream loss as an unrecognized public hazard that silently causes destruction by contributing to depression, illness, and an erosion of consciousness.

The review evaluates data about the association between the reasons and extent of REM/dream loss to with substance use disorders, behavioral factors, medications, sleep disorders and lifestyle factors. It was published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Science.

Furthermore, Naiman reviews the consequences of REM/dream loss and provides certain guidelines for restoring healthy REM sleep and dreaming.


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