Skyrim is getting a New Survival Mode with Major Challenges

Skyrim Special Edition will be getting a new mode. The Survival mode adds new gameplay challenges and features with three main elements: fatigue, hunger and harsh weather. It has added unrelenting cold land, harsh wildness and helpful landmarks that will ensure you survive your journey.

Hunger will affect your stamina and ability to use weapons. If you become hungrier, your whole stamina will decrease and it will be indicated by a dark region inside the stamina bar, according to Bethesda Softworks LLC, an American video game publisher.

If you eat the food, it’ll resume your stamina, and if you eat enough then you’ll get a bonus point called “Well Fed.” Cooked food will restore your hunger level more than uncooked food, for example, if you eat raw meat, you could get food poisoning.

The next element of Skyrim’s new Survival mode is fatigue. If you resting time fall, your position’s effectiveness, ability to recover things like stamina and magicka will decrease. For restoring fatigue levels, you need to sleep in a bed but sleeping time will only restore a partial fatigue.

The last key pillar of Survival mode is harsh weather. When it creates cold weather in Skyrim, you’ll need to attire up. If your fail to do that, your total health will drop, and after that your movement speed and capabilities like lock-picking will also drop. If you’re your health fall to zero you’ll die from exposure. To stay warm, you will need clothes which will display you warmth values with their descriptions. Moreover, you can also eat hot soup or hold a torch to increase your health level.

Bethesda said that PC players can hands on Survival mode on Steam by selecting into the Steam beta. Xbox One and PS4 users have to wait for next month and the game will launch for the Nintendo Switch in November.

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