Amazon Refreshed its Echo Lineup with New Smaller and Cheaper Echo

Amazon refreshed its Echo listing by releasing new Alexa devices on Wednesday, which issmaller and less expensive. The company revealed a smaller $99 version of its Echo speaker, Echo Spot that is designed, a $149 Echo Plus that is built for specific area of the home, and the Echo speaker.

Amazon always focuses on its customer’s interests, rather than competing with other companies. Amazon is assuring that it will defend its franchise through an old trick that is aggressive pricing.

Currently about 5,000 employees are working on Alexa projects according to Amazon’s senior vice president of devices and services, David Limp. So, Amazon could gain opportunities in a new wave of computing. Major technology companies are claiming that people will interact with technology by using voice commands and intelligent assistants rather than using touch screens and keyboards.

Limp also said, “They’re literally scattering them around the house, putting them in hallways, workshop and garages.”

The company observed the most popular use of Alex which includes controlling smart home, music and communications.

The company conducted its event in Seattle on the 30th floor of its building and it had arranged a living room and kitchen to test the Alex devices.

“Overall, today’s announcements felt like Amazon doubling down on its Echo and Alexa strategy,” said Jan Dawson, an analyst at the technology research firm Jackdaw Research.

Amazon also noted that BMW maker had agreed to embed Alexa in its BMW, starting in 2018.

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