Uber is Facing Problems in London

Uber is facing serious problems in London and moved to a British employment appeal board on Wednesday. Uber claimed that its drivers are self-employed, not workers entitled to a range of extra benefits and after a week the firm was told it would lose its license in London.

Transport for London (TFL), the city’s transport authority, has opposed and stated that it would need a new license to operate which will ultimately affect the company’s operations in London. To reverse the TFL decision, Uber has instigated an online petition but there are more issues that need to be assessed.

There are many regulatory and legal difficulties occurred around the world and the U.S. ride-hailing service is facing them. Due to the opposition from traditional taxi services and concern among some regulators ride-hailing services has been forced to quit in several countries, such as Denmark and Hungary.

London is one of the world’s wealthiest cities and for the U.S. technology firm, losing its license in London will be a huge problem.

The London regulator mentioned the approach of the firm to reporting major criminal offenses and the background check on drivers.

In 2016, two drivers asserted at a board that Uber used notable control on them to provide an urgent taxi service and had responsibilities in terms of rights of workers.

Now, before Wednesday’s hearing, an Uber spokesperson said, “Almost all taxi and private-hire drivers have been self-employed for decades before our app existed.” “Uber drivers have more control and are totally free to choose if, when and where they drive with no shifts or minimum hours,” he added.

He also said that Uber has safety feature so many women are working for Uber. Now, drivers can skip particular trip if they did not want to go to the specific place without penalty.

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