Google has pulled the YouTube Access from Amazon’s Echo Show Devices

On Tuesday, Amazon .com Inc. said that Google has decided to drop support for YouTube on the Echo Show.  Now, the Echo Show devices will not play the videos from YouTube as the Google pulled the video service from the smart speaker.

If you ask the smart speaker to play a YouTube video, the Alexa just say, “Currently, Google is not supporting YouTube on Echo Show.”

Amazon said that Google did not give any explanation or notification to customers about this matter. Even, the owners of the Echo Show have not received any advance notice. The company also said that this decision is disappointing and hurts their customers as there is no any technical reason.

Google and Amazon both are challenging each other in many areas such as cloud computing, online search, selling voice-controlled gadgets like the Echo Show. So, with this spat competitive stress stood in the way of customers.

However, Google stated, “we’ve been in negotiations with Amazon for a long time, working towards an agreement that provides great experiences for customers on both platforms.” The company also said that the support of YouTube on the Echo Show breaches their terms of service creating a broken user experience. It will resolve these issues soon.

Though, it is not clear how many customers are facing the problem, but in June, Amazon started selling the Echo Show which contains a touchscreen and voice command responses.

Hopefully, the two companies will work on this issue and everything will end up with a positive outcome.

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